Read corner

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a child reading. Whether it’s reading together with their parents or letting it explore the world that is written in a book. Both ways is beautiful for the development of a child. However, it all stars with stimulating your kids to actually do it. Not by forcing them but inviting them and giving them the chance to learn and discover in playfull way. Let me give you some insight in the way I created a reading corner for the kids.



The clue of motivating kids to learn lies in the combination of giving them the freedom of reading in a playfull and relaxed way. I used in our reading corner a cosy chair which I placed next to the doll house. By making the place attractive to play and placing an basket with books in it I stimulate them to also reach out for a book. Reading a book is not only about knowing which words are written. Just simply giving a child a book in their hands stimulates them to use their imagination to create their own story. Regarding the colours as you can see I have used a simpel pallet of white and purple in combination with wooden furniture. Last but not least the star stickers on the wall makes this corner definitely spark even more.


        shop the look

                                               WoodnWool|| Knot seat
                                               Lejoli || Basket
                                               Pantoys || Table and chair
                                               Xenos || wooden house
                                               Lilipinso|| Sticker
                                               Plantoys || Toys
                                               Touchwood || light                                               
                                               Touchwood || Cars