Pink Room

Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold

A cosy and playful decoration in a room is like paradise for a child. Because only when kids feel comfortable in their environment they start to explore what is around them. Their imagination starts to play which allows them to create the most beautiful piece of art which melts every heart. What I personally loved about this room is how it felt like the kids had their own little house in their room. The white tent as you can see on the pictures with the cosy cushions is such a perfect place for role playing. Small talk or long conversations with a cup of tea allowed us to have some quality time together.



Besides that I used a very simple colour combination of white and pink. I usually only use pastel colours because despite the fact that I love to have colour in a room I also want it to be a functional place. Pastel colours is for a child lovely to see but gives also restful feeling when it’s time to sleep. I’m also sure you have not missed the beautiful carpets on the ground. An important detail of the cosiness in this room!