Green house

Let her Sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains

Welcome to our little greenhouse! Filled with plants, green colours and other beautiful items of mother nature. Its a very clear white room which is lovely in combination with the green colour. Instead of having big plants in our room I bought a few small ones which the kids adore. The wooden bed is selfmade. My husband and I made it together. We really went back to basics! Not only saved this us money but it was also amazing to build the bed together. I think that’s the reason why I love this room so much. It shows us what’s really important in life. You dont need much to be happy or make a beautiful room.



I hope this room teaches my kids how much we need to respect planet earth. The value we should give it and how we can enjoy it in a honest way. You can build something like this too by starting with just small decorations. Wooden chairs or the leaves I put on the wall are a way to give each room a nature touch. Besides that I love the combination of white, green and brown. Basically the colours which brings us back to the nature.