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Happy decoration!

Of course everyone has a different taste. However, regarding kids rooms I often still see the same. If it’s a girl you see a pink room and a blue room for a boy. The colours pink and blue are so linked to gender which is actually a shame. That’s why I love neutral colours so much and I decide to decorate a gender-neutral room! An exciting project which I enjoyed a lot. Let me take you through what I have done and which products I used.



The idea behind this gender neutral room is as mentioned before the colours. Neutral colours give so much calmness and peace. It’s a perfect fit after a full play day! Besides that it also gives you the opportunity to mix and match easily, without hard colour fuss.


The lovely babybed which you see on the pictures is from Fraenzchenklein. They created this amazing design where you can choose between different headboards. Some children prefer to have more a view while for others it’s better to be more sheltered with a closed headboard. Stability and safety were the fundamental conditions for the designers which they developed this unique bed on. The bed can be used for couple years which is great for parents. So you can enjoy this beautiful bed for a very very long time!


Above the bed we see the love off animals. Made possible by heartfeltcreatons. If your child has an enormous love for animals, this set will be perfect. In the center we have the wildhare, cute detail: they made it possible to move the ears up and down. The classic deer is essential to this set; it brings depth and strength. As it opposite is the goose, that brings a certain softness, and it’s just so cute on the wall!


The finishing touch to this room are the white and grey blankets. The Koeka blankets are made of a single waffle weaved fabric. I always like to use clean and soft colors in a room. However, you can always make it very warm and personal by adding details and nice decorations.



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                                               franz bettenbauer || Bed
                                               Heartfeltcreations || Animals
                                               H&M Home || Basket
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                                               Koeka || Blanket
                                               Plantoys || Toys
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