Bloom where you are planted

We cant deny it we live nowadays in a world where we live our lives more inside instead of outisde in mother nature. To make children respect this amazing world that we are living on we have to show them what it has to offer and how much we should value it. The best way to do this outside is to my opinion by gardening. We have a vegetable garden where we grow all kind of different foods which not only makes the kids eat more green but also understead where it comes from.



The other way inside is by bringing some botnaical style in your house. This is one of my most favourite house decoration style! This is a huge trend which is used more and more often in different places. By bringing the plants and flowers in house in combination with a lot of wooden decoration you can create the feeling nature in the room of your kids.


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                                               franz bettenbauer || Bed
                                               Numero 74 || Canopy
                                               Binti || Carpet
                                               Kwantum || Table
                                               Lejolie || Chair
                                               Koeka || Blanket
                                               Plantoys || Toys
                                               Balliene || Dress