I’m Bezhwen, 28 years old and living in the Netherlands with my two beautiful daughters and husband. Since a very young age I love everything about interior styling.

“ I remember when I was eight years old and I changed the interior of my sisters’ rooms. Why? Just because I simply enjoyed doing it. By doing this I was able to use my creativity and build something new.”

I always have the time of my life when I can do what I love. Which is being creative and working on anything which has to do with design and interior. This is also the reason why I studied architecture and I decided to work at an interior design shop for a while.

After the birth of my daughters Rezhne and Kizhe I also realized how important this passion was for me. I figured out how much I loved to design the kidsroom. I always made sure that I was up to date of the latest musthaves and new unique items. Besides that I enjoyed doing this I also realized the importance of nothing just having an amazing room for your kids but also one that influences their development positively. Since this is the place where kids spend a lot of their time, a place where they wake up in the morning but also finish the chapter of their day I decided to focus on it as an interior designer.

Do you share the same passion and think the interior of your kidsroom should be well thought? Please feel free to contact me for any questions or information you need. Together we can set up an consultation plan..