When making use of one of our services we will ask u to provide us your personal information. It’s important that you give us this information so we can carry out the services you requested. Your personal information will be saved in our protected servers of Advancednet. De personal information we will receive from you will not be used for any other purposes nor will we share the information with third parties so everything will stay intern. De personal information you provide to us may include payment or contact information.



The safety of Bezhwena products your children have a high priority. All products are made with much attention and care. We would like to remind you to use the products according to the guidelines outlined below.


Pacifier clips

To keep a pacifier close to reach people are making use of a pacifier clip for many generations. The pacifier clip tool is not a toy and shall at all times be supervised by adult when using it. A pacifier holder, therefore, should not be used in bed.  Furthermore, it is not intended to be chewed on, however, this incident should not cause any particular problems. The materials which are used to make the pacifier clip are free from harmful substances and conform to the international requirements for baby articles DIN-EN 71-3.


Teething rings

A teething ring works great as a ‘painkiller’ for teeths that are coming through. When using the teething ring a child shall at all time be supervised by an adult. The teething rings should not be given in bed or during sleep. It’s important to not use the teething rings anymore once your baby has teeths.


Baby mobile

The baby mobile is not a toy and is all made to look or listen to it.