The interior of a children bedroom is extremely important to me. It’s a place where they can feel safe and at the same time learn and grow so much. I feel responsible for creating a place where the imagination and creative skills of my children get a chance to be developed. A place where a child is stimulated and challenged. Where even the interior of the bedroom has a positive impact on the development of your children. One of the most important things for children’s development is having enough hours of sleep. This gives them the energy the need during the day since there is so much to learn. I had sometimes a hard time with my first daughter. She didn’t want to go to sleep or had a hard time. I started to search for different ways of supporting her in having enough rest during the night and a good sleep for the next day.


One of the important things is to build a certain kind of rhythm or structure during the night. The child knows what is going to happen and how they can slowly fall asleep. A short bedtime story is the perfect way of getting your child’s attention and at the same time showing them love. A simple story told or read from a book can have a great impact on their development. Even though there is no perfect formula for a child going to sleep I do believe this one is extremely important.


After doing this for a while I also realized that I should pay more attention to the design of her bedroom. A beautiful and clean bedroom can I believe promote better sleeping habits. Step by step I started to change the bedroom. I always like to have a touch of nature in my interior design. To give my daughter a better sleep environment I explored everything about how to insert a natural bedroom ideas in the design. A few things I knew for sure which I wanted to have in the room. Plants, wooden table or bed with a nature colour palette. Being inspired so much by the beautiful earth I came up with a place where my children not only love to sleep but also enjoy playing.

I would love to help you and inspire you to create a beautiful magical place for your children. As you can see I use light colours in combination with green and wooden products. I have also added one of my baby mobiles which can be used above the bed of a baby but can be also a perfect match as an eye-catcher in the room used this way.

Good luck lovely people!! As parents, we have an extremely tough job to raise our children. However, seeing a smile on their face makes us forget about everything.

Wish you all the best time with your family and children!

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